Swim Team Coaches

Parent Manager: Lisa McGuire

For any questions with Swim Team, SWC Contact is Lisa C. McGuire. lisa_c_mcguire@hotmail.com

Head Coach: Rae Colley

Coach Colley is a Huntcliff Member and has been Head Coach for 3 years, Team Manager for 9 years.  She is the mother of 4 HC swim team members. Coach Colley was the Head Coach of Dunwoody High School's swim team for 3 years, and her Varsity Girls team won the Dekalb Count Championship for the first tim in 14 years.  She is curringly the Head Coach of Mount Vernon Presbyterian School's Varsity and Middle School Swimming and Diving teams for 2 years. Coach Colley was a conpetitive swimmer who specialized in Broaststoke and Freestyle.