2020 Covid 19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Guidelines Spalding Woods Club Summer 2020

The pool and tennis season will be different this year as a result of the pandemic. We are required to follow the guidelines established by the Georgia Department of Public Health and the CDC to reduce exposure risk among members and those using our facilities. 

Understanding that some members may not be comfortable using our facilities at this time, the board is working with Sears our pool management company, Fulton County and the CDC to provide as safe an environment as possible for those wanting to enjoy the club this summer. However, you must understand and accept that ultimately you must use your own judgement to determine if it is safe to use the club facilities and assume personal responsibility for any risks that you choose to accept. All members will be required to sign the attached waiver and release of liability agreement (file SWC RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AGREEMENT.docxand agree to abide by the terms of this Facility Operation Plan as a condition and in consideration for using the club facilities. You may print out waivers here for each member of your family to bring to club, or we will have waivers to sign before you enter the pool this weekend.

For those wanting to enjoy some time at the pool or on the tennis courts this season, it is imperative we follow the guidelines here to minimize as much risk as possible of anyone contracting or transmitting COVID-19. We cannot guarantee that there is no risk of exposure, but we are using our best efforts, given our limited resources, to mitigate the risk.

Spalding Woods Club is made up of member volunteers who are your neighbors. The Club Board and Officers want to avoid having to police the neighborhood and don't have the resources to keep watch of all club activities. Thus, you will see our guidelines are looking to members who want to use the club facilities to assist in cleaning surfaces before you use them and encouraging all members and guests, if any, to follow our guidelines.

If we find repeated offenses and non-adherence to the guidelines we will not be able to have any confidence in our ability to have a safe environment for our members and thus we will be forced to suspend individual member privileges to use the club facilities or close our facilities until we can have an expectation of a safe environment.

Should you have questions or comments you can reach out to any SWC board member. 

The Spalding Woods Club Board

1. Covid Guidelines:

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or if you or anyone in your household has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you and members of your household should stay at home until the CDC's published isolation criteria are met and not enter the club facilities.

2. Practice Social Distancing:

Stay at least 6 feet away from users of the club facilities who are not members of your immediate household, both in and out of the pool and on the tennis courts. You should refrain from any games in the requiring anyone to touch, hit, tag, or push one another. Parents need to consider if their children are capable of staying at least 6 feet apart from people they do not live with before bringing them to the club.

3. Maximum Capacity:

We have calculated the maximum capacity of our pool and pool deck based on guidelines provided by the Pool Hot Tub Alliance. The maximum capacity for the main pool is 28 people, including the diving area, the maximum capacity for the baby pool is the children of two households. These are based on a guideline of 160 sq. ft. per swimmer. There should be no more than four players on any tennis court, two players per side.

The combined maximum capacity of the pool deck and pool is estimated to be 55 people, but we recognize, since members of the same household do not have to maintain recommended social distancing, that number can vary based on the size of the households at the pool. The actual number of member households are limited to the 30 spots on the seating diagram described below.

4. Guest Policy, no social gatherings 

Due to the limitations on the number of people and households we can accommodate on the pool deck and in the pool, we will not allow members to host social gatherings. The club will not sponsor any member parties during this time.

Updated Guest Policy 6/8/2020: 


Members may bring up to two guests per household during the week, but not on weekends, as long as the member has enough wrist bands for those in their household and their guests who are at the pool.  For example, if a member's household has been issued four wrist bands, two members of the household can bring two guests.  If a parent accompanies two children and the household has four wrist bands, then that household can only bring one additional guest.  In any case, an adult is still required to accompany and watch children that are brought to the pool.
Guests and their parents, if the guest is under the age of 18, will be required to sign waivers before they can use the pool or tennis courts, but the guests will not be issued a wrist band by the club.
And to further clarify, babysitters, nannies and grandparents who are taking care of the children of members may accompany those children, using wrist bands issued to the member's household.  Grandparents who are members may also bring up to four of their grandchildren, whom they are babysitting, to the pool on weekdays only. 
Guests are not allowed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).




5. Seating Area Diagram:

It is essential that everyone using the club facilities maintain proper social distancing. Accordingly, as illustrated on the attached pool deck seating diagram, we have divided the pool deck into 30 different spots to be used by members and their families. Open the XLS File on this page for a larger view of the diagram.

Spots 2-7 and 9 - 14 and 16-18 are 8 ft. wide and 6 ft. deep and accommodate up to 3 persons who reside in the same household.

Spots 1, 8, 15, 19 and 20 are the round umbrella tables that can accommodate up to 4-5 persons residing in the same household.

Spots 21 - 26 are between the diving board and baby pool or inside the baby pool fenced area. They can generally accommodate two persons from the same household.
Spots 27 - 30 are the picnic tables under the canopy that can accommodate up to six persons living in the same household.

No lounge chairs will be permitted between the canopy and pool. Individual chairs will be allowed for adults to monitor young children in the shallow end of the pool

Please use a spot that is appropriate to the size of your household party at the pool. Each spot will have a combination of lounge chairs, pool chairs and/or a table with chairs. DO NOT move furniture from one spot to another. We may change the number of spots and set up to accommodate usage and concerns. A reservation system or limited usage times will be considered if member usage exceeds our maximum capacity on a regular basis.

Due to limited staff resources, we will be unable to sanitize the club provided pool chairs, loungers and tables and benches. Members should bring towels to place on the club provided pool furniture and sanitize it before each use. Therefore, to be clear, you are using the club pool furniture at your own risk.

6. Bring Your Own Chairs:

Since we do not have the resources to clean and disinfect club pool furniture after every use, we encourage members to bring their own chairs during this time. Please avoid scratching the deck surface and use chairs with rubber footing or rounded edges. If you bring your own chairs, please move the pool furniture in your seating area to the back of your area.

7. Disinfect your area BEFORE and AFTER your session:

Protect yourself and your neighbors by cleaning the area you occupy on the pool deck when you arrive and leave. Specifically, all surfaces of the club provided furniture you use must be cleaned including table tops and chairs. (Members may need to supply their own cleaning supplies. The club may have some on hand for your use, but we are not able to guarantee their availability.)

8. Disinfect the bathroom BEFORE and AFTER your family's use:

Protect yourself and your neighbors by cleaning the bathroom before use, including knobs, and bathroom surfaces such as sinks, counters and toilet, and clean once again after your family's use. (Members may need to supply their own cleaning supplies. The club may have some on hand for your use, but we are not able to guarantee their availability.)

9. Do NOT use the Playground or Grill: 

In order to avoid member families congregating around the playground and grill areas, we will not allow the use of the playground or grill. These areas will be not be sanitized and will be closed until further notice. Parents or the adult supervisor of your children are responsible for enforcing this policy.

10.  Masks or Coverings are Recommended:

It is recommended to wear a mask or covering over your nose and mouth while outside of the pool. Breathing masks should not be worn in the pool.

11. Do NOT share toys, floats, goggles, snorkels, etc. :

Do not share items with others that do not live with you. Kickboards no larger than 3' x 2' are allowed as are noodles and personal floatation devices. Rafts, tubes, large (over 3 ft) inflatable floats, water guns and similar items will not be permitted.

12. No spitting or squirting water:

COVID-19 can be spread from salvia or droplets from your nose or mouth. Accordingly spitting on the pool deck or in the pool and any squirting of liquid from the mouth, water guns or the like are strictly forbidden.

13. Pool refrigerator/Guard house:

In order to discourage the sharing of food and the shared use of the pool refrigerator, it will not be available for member use. Only lifeguards will have access to the refrigerator and freezer for their meals and beverages. Only lifeguards are allowed in the guard house.

14. In the event of Covid-19 Exposure: 

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of having visited the club facilities, please immediately notify Bliss Jones by phone at 770.827.5797. Should we be informed that a member, who visited the pool, tests positive for Covid-19, we will immediately notify all members and close the used facility to allow for the area to be cleaned and disinfected.

15. Compliance with CDC and Georgia Department of Health safety guidelines:

Out of respect for the safety of our members, children and the life guards, we will require all those who use our facilities to abide by the safety recommendations of the CDC and the Georgia Department of Health, as outlined above. Those who refuse to comply with these guidelines will be asked to leave the premises. Physical and/or verbal abuse of those requesting your compliance will not be tolerated and offending persons' privileges to use the SWC Facilities may be suspended for such behavior.

Our guidelines are put together based on guidelines published by the CDC and GA Department of Public Health. Please refer to the CDC guidelines for details.