Swim Team Practice at SWC 2018

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Our club Swim Team the Hammerhead sharks swims with Huntcliff.  There are NO swim meets held at Spalding Woods, all our home meets are at Huntcliff.  We rotate practice weeks with Huntcliff and will be practicing 2 weeks at SWC this year.

A heads up and reminder, swim team practice impacts the crowd of pool as swim team takes up several lanes.  Access to the shallow end will be limited during swim practice hours. When the pool is scheduled as open and there is a swim team practice, the swim team will make an effort to allow access to members of the club to some area of the shallow end.

2018 Practice Dates and Times at Spalding Woods 

Week of June 4th

Week of June 18th

Monday: 10&unders 9:30-10 am, 11&ups 10-11 am. All ages afternoon option @ 6-7pm
Tuesday: 10&unders 9:30-10 am, 11&ups 10-11 am. 
Wednesday: ALL AGES 10-11am for doughnuts and ribbons. All ages afternoon option @ 6-7pm
Thursday: 10&unders 9:30-10 am, 11&ups 10-11 am. All ages afternoon option @ 6-7pm
Friday: 10&unders 9:30-10 am, 11&ups 10-11 am


As a side note, we still have room on our team for swimmers as we are a very small team. Practice runs through the end of June for the team and you can see by practice schedules, it is great exercise and a fantastic way for young swimmers to become strong swimmers with daily practice.  

We have great coaches and wonderful parents. If you are considering Swim Team, this is the team you want to be on!  

Interested?  Contact Coach James, there is still time to join the fun.

Email Coach James with questions or

Register Online and More Info Here




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