What a glorious swimming pool!

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So I took a chance this morning on some cold water and swam laps for the 2nd time this season at SWC. Once again, I had the entire pool to myself with a lifeguard watching to make sure this 50-yr old man did not have a heart attack swimming in cold water. After eight summers of swimming in that pool, I’m still utterly amazed at how fortunate I am to live where I live and enjoy such an incredibly serene, beautiful swimming pool in the middle of the forest. I only hope for all of you who love our pool like I do that it continues to be such a thing of beauty.

My family and I plan to spend this weekend enjoying the North GA hills…for what will likely be the last time for a while. I hope those staying in town enjoy the pool. The weather is supposed to near-perfect.

I do have some bad news. Our boom-box that has carried us through three seasons, has left us. Someone this past week decided they needed it more. We’re working on getting it replaced ASAP.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for June 10 – our season-opening/member recruitment party.

I wish everyone a fantastic 3-day Memorial Weekend – or as I like to call it, a classic American launch into summer time!



Michael White