Pool Opens Tomorrow, May 20

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Greetings SWC members/swimmers!

It’s finally here…day one of the 2017 pool season. Just a few things I want to catch you up on:

  • The pool passed inspection – we’re open for business as of 10am tomorrow, just for the weekend. We open full time starting next Thursday at 4PM (last day of school for Fulton County).
  • We did a number of things the past few weeks to get our pool ready…including some pressure washing, scrubbing, cleaning and putting new plants in the planters.  It's looking pretty darn good.
  • Due to ~12 of our deck chairs needing new slings, we are a bit light in terms of seating. For “prime time” days (wknds, holidays) you may want to consider bringing lawn chairs just in case. We are looking to get the missing chairs repaired ASAP.
  • The baby pool appears to be solid…no signs of leaking. Sears did a great job getting it cleaned up – back in April it looked like a pool of sludge!
  • The pool gate key pad combination is maintained on SWC’s website: www.spaldingwoodsclub.com
  • The board has approved funding for a season-open/membership-recruiting social on June 10. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it (got front row tickets to Iron Maiden in Charlotte!!). We need a couple members to help with planning/implementing the party. Pls let me know if you can volunteer.  
  • A key focus of this party will be recruiting new members – pls invite as many prospective members as you can
  • We have to give some thought to what our recruitment message should be. How does the potential sale of the club play into this? Are we strictly offering a “pay-as-you-go” membership for now?

Pool Guidelines

  • If you see people acting out, and you don’t think they are members, pls let the lifeguards and/or me know – my cell number is on the billboard in the guard shack
  • At a quarter-till each hour is “adult swim”. No one under 17 can swim unless accompanied by an adult one-on-one
  • Thx to the Boswinkles, we have a really nice, rather large fridge in the guard shack.   It is available to all members. I encourage you all to pls try and grab a bag of popsicles next time you are at the grocery store and put them in the freezer for all to enjoy. They’re always a big hit with the kids. Pls know that the fridge js shiny clean at the moment…and I need your help making sure it stays like that as long as possible.

I will be at the pool shortly after 9am tomorrow morning to take care of a few last-minute details. If anyone wants to join me, pls feel free. Maybe you can beat my 8-year streak as the first member to jump in the pool for the swim season kick-off.

Eat my Bubbles!

Michael White

SWC pool mgr

PS…assuming our house sells, my family and I will be moving (probably late June). The club is looking for the next member who can take the reins of managing the pool. Pls let us know if you can volunteer.