SWC Pool Opens May 13!

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Greetings Members and Friends of the Spalding Woods Club pool!

Michael White here one last time to announce the next swim season at SWC. Would you believe our pool is going to be open for business in just a few weeks…Saturday, May 13?! Hopefully Mother Nature will have the water warmed up by then so we can all enjoy the water…not just the “less than 10” group who claim it’s never cold.

We are having a cleaning crew scrub the place down and are looking for anyone with a pressure washer that could help with doing some pressure washing on the deck area around the covered picnic tables. Pls let us know of any volunteers.

The new hours have been posted to the pool gate and on our club website. Attached is a copy of the 2017 pool hours.

Like the past couple seasons, with sale of the club pending, we are doing our best to strike a balance between keeping the pool running, ensuring an enjoyable swim season, while holding off on the high-cost facility upgrades we know have to be made if the pool is going to continue operating for the foreseeable future.

Good news! The board has approved funding for a season-open party…to be held either the weekend prior to or after Memorial Day wknd. Pls give us an idea of how many of you would need it to be one weekend or the other in order attend.

Pool Calendar: We maintain all pool events on the club’s calendar found on SpaldingWoodsClub.com. Please email any requests to schedule private parties to the club email address: spaldingwoodslclub@gmail.com.

Swim Team is underway…pls contact Julie Franklin with any questions.

Please know that the club needs a new pool manager. I’m moving my family to Colorado Springs, CO in June.  It’s been a great run for us at SWC…we’ll miss that beautiful pool and the many friends we’ve made. All the best!


Michael White