Pool Party Weekend is here!

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Dear SWC Members,

So coming up is the next to last weekend the pool will be open, and the last weekend before college football starts (Roll Tide!).  To celebrate that fact, we are going to have Dreamland BBQ, a big bouncy slide, cookies/brownies, balloons and a bunch of beer, wine and other beverages for this Saturday's pool season ending party (sorry, no margharita machine this go-round). 

Starting tomorrow through Sunday the pool will be open 10am-9pm, with the bouncy slide scheduled to be there sometime late in the day Friday.  It will stay up through Sunday - giving kids and adults plenty of opportunity to "bounce" their heads off!!

Dreamland is scheduled to start serving right after noon on Saturday.

We welcome any frozen popsicles and/or ice you could bring.  Other than that, we should be good to go! 

A big HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Sandra Gravanti for coorderating everything....and to Dan Gibbs for helping us haul the drinks and ice. 

Please keep in mind that this party is not "open door".  It is limited to our members and their guests...and guests can only be there if accompanied by the member.

Party on!


PS....don't forget that the pool will be hosting a "dog swim", Sunday, Sept 11 from 3-6.  The water will only be open to those with four legs,  covered with fur and prone to shout Bow-Wow!!