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Dear SWC Members,

That was one great party last weekend…so good to see a full house. We even managed to sign-up five new members which more than paid for the party.  Success!!

Just a couple things…

The baby pool. I’ve received a couple questions this week about the status of our baby pool. I want to assure you that it is fully functional. Given that we have a leak in one of the skimmers, we are keeping the water level just below the skimmer intake.  This has nothing to do with the water’s filtration…all the skimmers do is take care of the debris that falls on top of the water. The lifeguards will be extra diligent in keeping Mother Nature’s debris off the water.  Our pool mgmt company has assured me that the water is perfectly safe for swimming.  The reason the water may not look as “pretty” as in the big pool is due to some discoloration of the baby pool’s surface.

I want to share with you a message from one of our members, Liz Winkler, who has been doing an excellent job helping us ensure that only members and their guests enjoy SWC’s facilities: I think it is important that we make mention of the importance for the safety of our life guards, members and continued viability of the club that we make sure that those using our pool are current members. We will have a sign in sheet at the front gate and you can get your member number off your bag tag. Bag tags will be sent out the week of June 13th. Thank you Liz for all you do!

Weather man says we’re about to experience some seriously hot temp’s this weekend and beyond…I know I’ll be pool-side cooling off! Hope to see you there.


Michael White