Are you ready to swim??

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Dear SWC Members,

Starting tomorrow at 4PM, the SWC pool opens to full-time hours, which is Mon-Sun, 10am-9PM. A number of you were at the pool last weekend – I think you will agree that it is looking good!

As we embark on the 2016 swim season, there are a few things I want to make you aware of:

Ours is a private pool…guests are welcome; however, if only accompanied by a member. We have a print-out of all current members in the guard shack and plan to periodically confirm membership with those we do not recognize.

We are accepting new associate memberships. In fact, SWC is running a 2016 “special” for first-time associate memberships of $550. Subsequent annual dues for associate members are $650. Associate members are not entitled to any proceeds that may come from a future sale of the club.

The gate to the pool area has to be kept closed at all times…the key pad combo is available to members on our website (

Anyone wanting to schedule a private party should send an email to the club email address – and keep in mind that for parties of 20 or more, the member will be required to pay for additional lifeguard(s).

Thanks to the Boswinkle family, we have a big beautiful fridge in the guard shack. No one is policing what goes in that fridge…so if you do put something in there, pls be prepared to share. In fact, I encourage members to add things like popsicles, ice and water that can be shared by all!

The last quarter of every hour is “adult swim” at the pool. Per the rules we have posted at the pool, during those 15 minutes, our lifeguards take a break, and only adults 18+ are allowed in the pool. Those under 18 can be in the pool ONLY if accompanied one-on-one with an adult.

Party June 4.  We will have our season-opener party the weekend after Memorial Day.  Pls make sure you bring along anyone who might be interested in joing SWC this year!

See ya’ll pool-side soon!....and pls let me know if I've missed anything.