We Passed!

Sent by SWC Pool (White, Michael) on 5/19/2016. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear SWC Members,

We received good news today. Our pool has passed Fulton County’s inspection, and is ready to open for the 2016 swim season…starting this Saturday & Sunday, 10am-9PM.  Weather.com says Saturday’s high is 80 with a 20% chance of rain...not bad.  Water may be a bit chilly, but I’m sure the little ones will say it’s just fine!  

I’m also happy to announce that the baby pool is holding and should be good to go.  Our cleaning crew did an excellent job last weekend getting the bathrooms, guard shack and picnic tables scrubbed clean. 

Please make sure you log-on to the club’s website to access this year’s keypad code for the pool gate.  Starting next Thursday at 4PM the pool will begin full-time hours Mon-Sun, 10am-9PM.

I plan to make the inaugural jump in the pool 10am Sat…pls feel free to join me, if you dare. As our swim team the Hammerhead Sharks like to say….”eat my bubbles”!

Hope to see ya pool-side soon…