2016 Huntcliff Spalding Woods Swim Team Sign Ups

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Summer is almost here and we're getting ready to kick off our 2016 Hammerhead Shark Swim Team season! Our pool partnered with Huntcliff a couple years ago. Practices beginning in mid May have been held at both clubs with home meets held at Huntcliff.   

Participation in the Huntcliff Spalding Woods Swim Team Requires registration at Atlanta Swim Association AND with the Swim Team itself.  You do NOT have to be a fully bonded member to participate, we welcome associate members as well.   

Two important items:

1. PLEASE EMAIL Huntcliff Swim Team Parent STEVEN_RUDDY@YAHOO.COM to let him know if your child/children will be participating this year.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as we will be launching a new communication system that will allow members to both Register and Pay online. If you are swimming, we will add you to the system.  

2. If you child/children are swimming this year, please visit the Atlanta Swim Association site to pay the registration fee prior to April 1, 2016. After April 1st the fee increases by 10%. The site is:


Questions: Contact Huntcliff Parent Steve Ruddy, 404-867-8400steven_ruddy@yahoo.com

Our Swim team is small but mighty. We focus on skill and fun.  Since we have partnered with Huntcliff the Swim Team costs our club nothing, they are self funded!  Its a win win for the club and for our kids to stay active during the summer.


See you at the pool and GO HAMMERHEAD SHARKS!