1st Annual SWC Dog Swim

Sent by SWC Pool (White, Michael) on 9/8/2015. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear SWC Members,

It was sad saying good-bye to the pool yesterday; however, we have one more pool-related event to look forward to this Sunday. From 3-6PM this Sunday, Sept 12, the SWC pool will be hosting its first annual dog swim!! All of the deck furniture will be stored away to give the pooches plenty of room to roam.

A few pooch-swim ground rules:

  • Dogs Only! The pool is closed to all humans. Only those with four paws and a tail will be allowed in the water.

  • The pumps are off for the year…this means no water being filtered - so please, do not plan to bathe your dog in the pool or let them in the pool if they are a filthy mess

  • If you want to bathe your mutt before or after the swim, there is a hose you can use

  • Please clean-up after your dog. If there is the slimmest chance your dog won’t be able to “hold it” for the surrounding forest, pls bring plastic bags to pick-up after your hound

  • If your K-9 is not dog-friendly, please do not bring him/her – this is intended to be a dog-swim, not a dog-fight

If this event turns out to be a successful one, we might plan one next year linked to some kind of fund raiser. Please let me know of any concerns or questions surrounding this event. We have cleared it with our pool management company and believe we have all the bases covered. 

Wag more, bark less!


Michael White

Roll Tide Pool Manager