County Health Inspector Called on SWC Pool

Sent by Michael White (White, Michael) on 8/28/2015. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear SWC Members,

This week our pool management company (Sears) received a call from the Fulton County Health inspector who said that he received a complaint over the weekend that patrons witnessed dogs in the pool and complained to the county. He then inspected our pool and found a few small things he said we had to fix or be shut down….all of which we have fixed. Of course, he did not find any evidence of dogs swimming in the pool or being in the pool area.

None of our lifeguards or anyone I know have EVER seen someone’s pet in the pool area. I don’t know if this is someone with an ax to grind or maybe they got confused and thought the dog-swim we have planned AFTER the pool is closed was somehow scheduled while the pool is still open. Regardless, PLEASE, if any member witnesses something out-of-line or questionable pertaining to our pool, please bring it to the lifeguard’s attention or contact someone on SWC’s board, or myself so that we can address the matter internally. 

I can assure you that the SWC pool abides strictly to all Fulton County rules. And, we confirmed already that having a dog-swim after the pool is closed is OK.

Thank you,

Michael White

SWC Pool Mgr