Club Update MInutes from the Aug 4th Board Meeting

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SWC Members,

Below are the minutes some of you asked for from the August 4th Board of Directors Meeting. 

At the moment there are more questions than answers. Once we are in a position to answer the questions, we will have an informational meeting for the entire membership.  As it stands, there are no changes or proposed changes to the sales contract the membership approved at our 2/28/2015 meeting.  Nor has the timeline for the sale changed. If any substantial changes are proposed, the membership will have the opportunity to vote on whether to accept the changes.  We ask that you be patient and allow the regulatory approval process to run its full course without jumping to any premature conclusions. 

SWC Board Meeting held on August 4, 2015 

Board Members Present

Roger Wright

Bliss Jones

Dana Leshley

Winfred Bailey

Charles Tutt

Manny Guillen

Harry Morgan

Also present were several club members

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm

Roger Wright began the meeting with the treasurer’s report from John McCulla who could not be present. Treasurers report was accepted.

Ad Hoc Committee Update by Bliss Jones

Bliss Jones gave an overview of what has transpired up to this point in regards to the zoning. He recapped that the planning committee met on June 18th and that there were about 12 club members present. A staff report had come out recommending denying the rezoning application. Traton agreed to revise their site plan. It was determined that the property is zoned CPU1 and that the meaning of that is a little vague. The committee voted on and approved a 3 month deferral. The City Council met on July 21st. 1 hour before the meeting, Traton was notified that their request would be brought up. It was brought up and the Council denied the rezoning application. Bliss Jones and Harry Morgan spoke with Traton and Traton asked for more time to revise the site plan. Traton said they will file a formal appeal. They will have 30 days.They still want to pursue the purchase of the land. Traton is continuing to move forward. The appeal will be funded by Traton. There will be no cost to SWC. At this point Traton has not indicated a revision to the contract. In regards to the Attorney General, Bliss Jones spoke about the letter from Mr. Boswinkle and the response from the AG’s office. Bliss spoke with the attorney that wrote the response letter to Mr. Boswinkle after it was received and sent a letter of reply to her. She went on maternity leave before she could respond to Bliss’ letter and has now resigned. The file had not been reassigned yet as of his last inquiry to the AG’s office. They assured him at that time, they had located the file and it would be reassigned and looked at the following week.

At the last Board Meeting, the Board discussed hiring an attorney to draft a proposal of dissolution. After the recent City Council vote, Bliss put the attorney on hold until there was more information on the rezoning. SWC has not incurred any expenses so far in relation to the Proposal of dissolution. 

Grounds Report by Winfred Bailey

Currently nothing new to report.

The steps from the upper parking lot were discussed and Winfred will get an estimate for repairing the steps leading down to the pool.

The trees at the entrance were discussed. The ones that have already fallen down need to be removed and there are a couple of dead trees that will need to come down as well.

Roger Wright opened the meeting up to new business.

There was a request for the board to appoint an independent auditor to review and audit the club financials as per the By-Laws. The board will check with John McCulla, as this may already be in place.

Open Discussion with club members present

The members wanted to know if the members will get a say in whether funds are distributed or if the money from the sale is re-invested. It was determined that the current plan put forth by the members was to distribute the funds, but a vote could be held if the course of the sale changes and members would decide.

Meeting adjourned at 7pm