What a Party!

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Dear SWC Members,

What a party Saturday!! As can be seen in the attached photo, it was standing room only…not an available chair in the house at one point. Thank you all for coming out and enjoying the festivities. We definitely nailed it on the weather front!

Also, thank you to all who donated to the cause…a big help in paying for the margarita machine, ordering some pizzas when the food ran out, and tipping the lifeguards for all the extra cleaning they had to do. I was really impressed when I went to the pool yesterday morning to swim laps at how clean the place was. I think for the next party, we’ll have the food show up later in the day.

Swim Team

Just a reminder that all this week the swim team will be practicing at the pool 9:30-11am, and Mon & Wed from 5-6PM. The pool will remain open to all members, just a bit more crowded than usual.