Pool Party Tomorrow!!

Sent by Spalding Woods Club (White, Michael) on 5/29/2015. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear SWC Members,

It’s just about party time at the pool!! This evening we will be setting up a huge blow-up slide in the deep-end, and starting tomorrow at noon we’ll be serving up some awesome grub from Barbaritos, along with assorted beverages and a margarita machine.

Please note…

  • ICE. Can everyone please try and bring a bag of ice to contribute to the cause? We are getting a new fridge/freezer tomorrow and will be able to store any excess. If you can bring ice to the club around 10am tomorrow that would be even better.  We will have the coolers in place, and will be able to ensure the beverages are that much colder when the party starts!
  • Margarita machine. For those that want to enjoy the “fruits” of this awesome machine, we will be asking for a $20 donation for all the margaritas you can drink! The club is not paying for the machine, and Sandra Cayce was gracious enough to foot the $350 bill.

Even though the club’s future status is in limbo at the moment, please know that we are still running a one-season membership special of $499 (no add’l fees or deposits). Please encourage any prospective members to join us. If the club is still in place for next year, further details will be made available to these members if they are interested in continued membership at SWC.

Special thanks goes out to the Boswinkles for ensuring we have a working freezer at the club this summer, and to Sandra Cayce for seeing to all the detailed planning for this event. Thanks ya’ll!!

See ya pool-side!

Michael White

SWC Pool Mgr