Regular Season Starts Today!!

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Dear Spalding Woods Club Members…

Welcome to Day One of the 2015 “regular season” for the Spalding Woods Club swimming pool!!! The pool opens at 4PM today for continued operation Mon-Sun, 10am-9pm, through early August. Please note that there will be an end-of-school party at the pool today with ~40 kids from Spalding Wood Elementary. Extra lifeguards have been scheduled. As a reminder, if you want to plan your own private event, please send the club an email so that we can add it to the calendar and make the request for extra life guards if needed.

A Freezer

The Boswinkles have generously offered the club an extra fridge/freezer they have. Unfortunately, the freezer part of our current fridge decided to quit working over the off-season. The challenge we have is getting the fridge from the Boswinkle’s house to the pool. They live right next to the club. Any volunteers or suggestions as to how we might get this donated fridge to the club and get the old one out?

A Party

Don’t forget…next Saturday, May 30, we’re having a season opening party! We’ll have a blow-up slide, food and beverages, including a margarita machine. For the margarita machine, we will be passing the hat to hopefully collect the ~$300 Sandra Cayce is laying down to secure this most beautiful of machines!

A Wading Pool

Unfortunately the wading pool continues to be inoperable. We simply cannot justify the funds it will take to repair or replace until we know what the fate of the club will be.


Our WiFi connection is down at the moment. Don’t panic. Our local techie member Jeff Bohm is on the job and will have us up and running ASAP.


Lastly, there is a “Community Developer Resolution Meeting” scheduled for Thursday to review the zoning request impacting the Spalding Woods Club property. More information on the meeting can be found at:


I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend…and hope to see you pool side soon!!


Michael White