Spalding Woods Club Update

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So what's happening at Spalding Woods Club?

The Spring ALTA season kicked off last Saturday to a rainy debut but the three ALTA Men's teams made up the rain outs on a beautiful Sunday and are continuing to do so over this week. With two of the teams having home matches the club gets very busy with over 40 tennis players and guests. Two issues we are still dealing with are getting the water turned back on so the teams have rest room facilities other then the Port-A-John.  The pool fill pipe has been repaired but we found leaks in the bathrooms that will need repair.  The lights also malfunctioned again and are being repaired, so play can take place in the evenings.  New tennis nets were installed on three of the courts. We have delayed patching the courts to conserve capital at this time. 

Unfortunately, as mentioned at the Special Meeting, there is much apathy at the club and getting members to asisist in managing and operating the club is a continual challenge. The Boards request for a pool director came up empty until a long time devoted member once against stepped up to take over this task. Thank you Michael White for your committment. Others should share your same passion.  

We are working on getting the electrical issue on the pool decking resolved and have already initiated discussions with Sears Pool Management for once again having a terrific Pool Season.  Please watch for the SPRING CLEAN UP DAY notice. 

As far as the sale of the property goes, Traton Homes has been on the property surveying, the next step is for them to file for a zoning change. The two issues that could impact the sale of the club are: Traton getting zoning approval and the Attorney General approving distribution of the procedes. 

Since either of these outcomes are not a sure thing, the Boards objective is to operate the club as though we are still in business and expect to stay in business. The only exception is that we will accept Associate Memberships but no new full memberships until a final decision is made. 

SWC Board of Directors