Spalding Woods Club Special Meeting Voting Results

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The audited results of the votes are as follows:

                                                                                                                           Yes         No      Abstain

!. By Law Changes:                                 

a. Change the number of members needed to approve the sale to a majority           71          23

of full members

b. Indemnify Board members acting in good faith on behalf of SWC                         80         13           1

c. Provide for dissolution of SWC by proportionate distribution to all full

members as of date of dissolution                                                                         81           9           4


2. Approve the sale of the property in accordace with the terms of teh contract         77          17    

3. Board is directed to take the steps necessary to dissolve the club

and distribute its net assets                                                                                   84          10

The minutes of the meeting and the PowerPoint will be uploaded to the website as soon as they are transcribed. 

The Board of Directors of Spaldiing Woods Club thanks all that attended the spirited meeting. SWC will  continue to operate until and if a final closing date is determined and the sale is final. 

Roger Wright

President of Spalding Woods Club