2015 Spalding Woods Club Update

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Spalding Woods Club Board of Directors Wishes you a Happy 2015

I would like to provide a brief update of club activities and Board actions.  First, unfortunately the tennis courts lights have been left on all night and this resulted in numerous complaints from our neighbors in Trowbridge. As a result the board decided to shut off all power to the six court lights until we can activate a timer.  The timer will be set to shut off all court lights at 10:00 PM.  We expect the timer to be operational within a week. 

The Ad Hoc committee met with the potential buyers and discussed the process for moving ahead. During the discussions it was agreed upon that there would be an opportunity for 25 members to keep their pool memberships.  The Board is workiing on a lottery system for those interested in this option.  More details on this issue will follow.

The Board met Monday evening and reveiwed the progress on the possible sale of the property.  Site appraisers are being interviewed and the final selection will be made within a week.  There will be two appraisals needed: one for the property and a special apprasial for determining the value of the cell tower. Once the appraisals are received a contract will be drawn up and presented to the the buyers. 

It is expected that the Spring ALTA season will be the last possible tennis season for SWC tennis players. While it is not expected that any closing could occur prior to the third quater of 2015, we need to guard against an interrupted season.  Tennis captains please note. 

We expect a full pool season but if for some reason the process escalated, a pool closing could occur in late July or early August.  In the contract we will work on obtaining a "no earlier then" clause for the pool closing. 

As you have noticed we still have the Port-A-John on site as the water must stay shut off until we can assure that the temperatures will not approach freezing. 

Further updates will follow as we obtain more information on the possible sale activities. It is expected that we will have a full member meeting to vote on numerous issues within 90 days. 


Roger Wright and SWC Board of Directors