SWC Board Nominees for Dec 6

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Dear SWC Members:

The primary objective of the Dec 6 annual meeting is to nominate and vote on new board members.  We have the following positions to be filled (included who has them today):

  1.  President – Michael W.
  2.  V.President - Vacant
  3.  Treasurer – John M.
  4.  Pool Director - Vacant
  5.  Social Director – Sandra Cayce
  6.  Membership Director – Dana Leshley
  7.  Grounds Director – Winfred Bailey
  8.  Secretary - Vacant
  9.  Web Site Director – Vacant
  10.  Board Consultant – Matt McKinney (Uniquely qualified to be a board consultant given he is the current operations director over Capital City Club)
  11.  Other/TBD 
  12.  Other/TBD

 Per the club’s by-laws:

  • Board of Directors: The Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors, twelve in number. The Directors shall be elected from the membership of the Corporation, at the annual meeting of the members.
  • Term of Directors: All elected directors serve a three-year term and may, upon approval of the Board, be nominated to succeed themselves.
  • Vacancies: When a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors, such vacancy shall be filled by the remaining directors for the unexpired term of the vacancy. Any director appointed in this manner, who serves eighteen (18) months or more, may not succeed himself.
  • Quorum: A majority of the Board of Directors (in person) plus 25% of the remaining members (in person or by proxy) shall constitute a quorum for any annual or special meeting. A member may vote in person or by written proxy.

We are looking for members that would like to nominate themselves or others for these positions prior to the meeting.  Those nominations will be put to a vote at the meeting, with a simple majority needed to approve. Nominations can be voted on via proxy assuming you know in advance that the person you are voting for agrees to being nominated.

With the exception of Dana Leshley, all current board members have served 3+ years on the board.  Those wanting to join the board need to be absolutely clear on the fact that the primary club business over the months to come will be about the sale of the club.  This is something I anticipate will require a level of time and commitment above and beyond what is normally required to keep a small swim/tennis club running.

Please reply back to this email with your nominations.

Thank you,

Michael White

SWC - President